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NNP Leopards


Leopards are famously elusive & those that live in & around NNP are no exception.


Having said that we may say that chui do well in the diverse habitats of the park, with it’s rocky river gorges, forests & savannah.┬áHere there is a wide selection of possible food, ranging from plump rock hyraxes to rodents & fully grown antelope of various species.


Leopards regularly prowl on the mabati roof of my house & recently 3 adults were seen from the verandah of Silole Villa (presumably 2 grown up cubs & their mother.)


Here are some great photographs of some of our leopards by Dave McKelvie, a great afficianado of the park & perhaps especially of it’s big cats……

Lilies Of The Field


A safe distance from the city….where the concrete ends….in the Silole Sanctuary


Wild flowers & shrubs are in bloom….this is one of the commonest species on the plains Cyphia glandulifera


Shrubs are also in blossom, the most spectacularly obvious being the bright scarlet Pentas parvifolia. The lovely Clerodendrum myricoides is also in flower, as is the blue Plectanthrus barbatus


This is a very common wee blue Pentas sp. common on the plains


Semi-parasitic Cycnium sp. cover the plains like so much tissue paper, both pink & white