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Another Cheetah!!


After posting yesterday’s cheetah story & writing an online prayer for more cheetahs an astonishing event: ANOTHER cheetah was spotted this morning…..could she be a female??

Above is the resident male (we think – a very large individual.)


The ‘new’ cheetah: can we now look forward to cubs?


In any case the advertised presence of cheetahs through the mysterious world of scent can only encourage individuals (especially of the opposite sex) to seek each other out in NNP…


Another shot of the big resident male on his kongoni kill yesterday.

Photos by Rob Allen, Dave McKelvie & Will Knocker

Cheetahs are Back!!


I know this is a tiny little image, but it is a real symbol of hope for the future of the Nairobi National Park. Here is a mother & cub cheetah, the first birth and/or sighting in the park for many years, recorded & photographed by Dave McKelvie.

This picture illustrates a new reality:after many years of a wet cycle in the weather & in the abscence of controlled burns, short grass plain habitat disappeared in the park, together with the  gazelles & gnus which live in such areas.

Since the end of 2007 & the beginning of controlled burning in the park, together with an extended dry cycle that still continues & with the complete overgrazing, in this drought situation, of the dispersal area outside the park & the consequent influx of cattle into the park to compete for grazing with the thousands of migratory herbivores which had taken refuge there, all excess grazing has been severely reduced.

This complete change in circumstances have seen the last of the gnu in the ecosystem come back into the park (they calved in the park this year for the first time in living memory), together with hundreds of Grants & Thomsons gazelles:food for cheetahs….

Apologies for the tiny photo- it’s all I could manage after hours of trying to post….