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White Rhinos Come to NNP


In historical times, white rhinos did not exist in Kenya: they were reduced to two tiny populations -the northern subspecies to Uganda,Sudan & Northern Congo (Garamba) & the southern subspecies to Zululand thanks to the efforts of one man, B.Vaughan Kirby.

As I write this the Northern subspecies is on the virge of extinction unless there is a BVK in Congo….the last few individuals in Garamba are under threat by Sudanese poachers & the LRA.

The Southern type does much better & having been brought in from South Africa some years ago, have been doing well in the various rhino sanctuaries in Kenya:Lewa,Solio & Nakuru National Park.

Now, we are going to have 10 of these fabulous beasts in Nairobi Park.

Five are already here, as these pictures, courtesy of Paolo Torchio, show.


These are LARGE animals. Here’s one in reverse gear. Wide mouths & muscular rubbery lips are adapted to the grazing of short grass, apparently in short supply in drought affected Nakuru National Park from where these animals were translocated.


Whilst one would not like to get in the way, white rhinos are fairly placid in comparison to the belligerent black rhinos….


A cow & calf move off into the rangelands of the park, where territories (marked by bulls) are not yet scent-marked out by dung ‘scuffs’ & urine spraying….hope they do not wander OUT of the park. Scent is of enormous importance to rhinos…..


A huge cow, battered but unbowed by her journey, free again in the rangelands where white rhinos  roamed for millenia until hunted out by man. Rock paintings by prehistoric men show white rhinos then occurred all over Africa, including in what is now the Sahara Desert….

Two photos above by WK.