Goodbye and watch out for PARTHENIUM!

By Will Knocker:


This is East Gate…notice the Parthenium infested road verges…

KWS you should be ashamed of yourselves: the dreaded Parthenium is taking over Nairobi National Park & what have you done about it?



This innocuous little weed produces tens of thousands of seeds in a matter of weeks & SPREADS.

It is allalopathic (which means it poisons it’s neighbours: other plants) & contains toxic allergins which blister the mouths of grazing animals..


I conducted a workshop a few years ago for FONNAP so ‘Friends’ could recognise & get rid of this horrible invasive weed

KWS did nothing & in fact prevented FONNAP from taking action from doing anything about it..



Parthenium now infests most of Nairobi’s road verges: this is on the Magadi road, ouside Multi Media University…

If you see it (& nowadays most of you will have it IN YOUR GARDENS) , PULL IT UP & LEAVE IT IN SITU.

You have to keep pulling it up over time & attacking it over the long term.


This beautiful white froth means that this rangeland had gone:UNUSABLE forever.

Cattle have been known to die after eating amounts of Parthenium & the allergins get into the milk supply..


If you visit the Athi Basin in the Park & look along the river: you will see great drifts of Parthenium…

A REAL THREAT TO THE PARK & more widely to Kenyan rangelands generally…


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