Treacherous Croc

By Will Knocker:



Marabous all of a twitter…”isn’t that one of us in his mouth” ?




Sure looks like it….



“Ooo-err…it’s Fred !”



Plenty more where that came from…..




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2 comments on “Treacherous Croc

  1. Mark Deeble on said:

    Crocs doing what they are good at!
    I learnt recently that Everglades alligators have been seen with sticks on their snouts under colonies of nesting birds – tempting them down to try and pick up the nesting material… I’ve never seen it with crocs here, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did the same!

  2. Lesley on said:

    Wow … That means they are using tools ? Pretty smart! But why wouldn’t they be smart .. Been here alot longer than us!
    Great captions Will!

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