Monthly Archives: May 2014

On the Athi Plains

By Will Knocker: Is there a better place to be than on the African Plain? On the Athi Plain in particular where grass is a super-abundant resource…. NNP & what is left (very little) of the dispersal area is home to a herd of 4000 Plains zebra… and 18 species of Bovidae (buffalo & antelopes..) […]

Nairobi Buff

By Will Knocker: Buffalo are doing very well in the Park, increasing in numbers over time. 314 were counted in April, but there are probably more in these pictures than this number indicates… NNP is perfect habitat for buffaloes, containing plenty of water & grazing as it does, although by the time the Park was […]

Hoopoe & Frog

By Adam Scott Kennedy:        

Treacherous Croc

By Will Knocker:   Marabous all of a twitter…”isn’t that one of us in his mouth” ?     Sure looks like it….   “Ooo-err…it’s Fred !”   Plenty more where that came from…..