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Diceros bicornis michaeli

By Will Knocker:

Chui Spotting…

By Will Knocker: On sunday afternoon¬† I was at the Masai Gate (which borders on the Silole Sanctuary) when the KWS ranger on duty –¬†Jackson ole Kuyioni- looked over my shoulder down towards the brodge over the Empakasi River…”Do you want to see a chui?” he asked in Kiswahili “Look up in the big acacia!” […]

Clash of the Titans

By Will Knocker: Two bull Black (Browse) rhinos go nose to massive nose on who’s territory this is… Massive pachydems face off to determine who is the Boss…in the middle of the road… We kept our distance….(have you ever been charged by a rhino?) And watched in fascination¬† as the two protagonists got on with […]