At the Athi Dam

By Will Knocker:

Pictures from the Athi Dam: surely one of the best corners (amongst many)  in NNP:


Yellow-billed storks, with an African spoonbill in the background..


Why O why have KWS allowed pylons to be built & the ENTIRE Athi Basin aesthetically spoilt in an undeveloped area (ie this would be a perfect place for future tourist development) ? Who allowed this? So short-sighted….


Diederik cuckoo: what a beautiful bird!


Egyptian goslings have to beware……


The aptly-named Black-winged stilt ….


European storks have been numerous this year….


And this is for you to ID: sorry out of focus…..palearctic migrants….ruffs??

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3 comments on “At the Athi Dam

  1. A great days birding – good to see so many White Storks as bad weather hit their breeding succes in Europe last season

  2. Monique on said:

    I love the DiedeRIK bird. I hate the pylons. Maybe they can disguise them, like they do in Namibia with 3G masts ? (ofcourse better NOT te place them but if they do…disguise !! )

  3. Will Knocker on said:

    Jimmy Hi! Can you ID the waders (last image) for us? Asante….

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