Monthly Archives: February 2014

Dreaded Parthenium Threatening Nbi Nat Park

By Will Knocker Close-up of Parthenium weed, an invasive species rapidly encroaching on Nairobi National Park..this is in the Park, at the Athi dam… I have also seen  invasions along the Athi River -Namanga highway & along the shores of Lake Victoria. IF YOU SEE THIS PLANT PULL IT UP, (though gloves are advisable for big […]

At the Athi Dam

By Will Knocker: Pictures from the Athi Dam: surely one of the best corners (amongst many)  in NNP: Yellow-billed storks, with an African spoonbill in the background.. Why O why have KWS allowed pylons to be built & the ENTIRE Athi Basin aesthetically spoilt in an undeveloped area (ie this would be a perfect place […]

New Fence at Main Gate

By Paula Kahumbu: I was horrified today to see that KWS have started fencing off a huge piece of the Nairobi National Park for the major expansion of the Nairobi Orphanage. The fence follows the main road from the entrance all the way to the club house – which is almost to the ivory burn […]