Monthly Archives: October 2013

Thirsty Herds

By Will Knocker: It looks like the Rains have failed in Southern Kenya & the Park is getting very dry, causing the  wildebeest population (c.250 animals) to come into the Park proper from the Sheep & Goat land across the Empakasi.  Eastern White-bearded Wildebeest (Connochaetes taurinus albojubatus). This is a rare sub-species of gnu which […]

No Answers from KWS…..

NAIROBI NATIONAL PARK 7th OCTOBER 2013 Mike Davidson, Heather Elkins, Fleur Ng’Weno, Karen Plumbe and myself met up at 7.00am at the Main Entrance to Nairobi National Park. The reason for the late start was that the traffic was appalling with the construction still continuing past its completion date. The transition through the gate was […]

Depressing Developments in NNP

NAIROBI NATIONAL PARK 30TH September 2013 Mike Davidson, Heather Elkins, Salma Watt and myself met at the Main Entrance to Nairobi National Park at 6.30am. It was a bright and sunny day, and remained as such all day. There was evidence of recent rain with drying puddles, and dams higher than last week. The gate […]