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Stalking Lioness

By Will Knocker:        

Yellow Throated Sandgrouse

By Will Knocker: Yellow-throated sand-grouse watering at the Athi Dam…   This is the largest species of sangrouse in Kenya & found on the High Plains of the Mara & Athi-Kapiti, unlike other sp. found in lowland semi-desert…. They have a distinctive gutteral call when flighting in to drink: ” TIRI KOKO”….their name in Maa…. […]

A Quarter of Nairobi Park Blocked Off!

NAIROBI NATIONAL PARK 26th AUGUST 2013 It was a grey and characteristically gloomy day, and quite cold. The man at the gate was saying that the system was refusing to accept his log-in and we would have to leave our Smart Cards with him, and he scribbled a note in case we were stopped. Let’s […]

Crowned Eagle on Kill….

Story & images by STEVE GARVIE: Our driver guide Ben Gitari suggested we take the forest trail and it was his sharp eyes that first picked out the bird. He later said that he had always thought this to be a likely area in which to find Crowned Eagles and indeed though within NNP the […]