Monthly Archives: August 2013

Feasting Waterbirds

By Will Knocker:   Dropping waterlevels in dams & ponds in the Park after good Rains this year, when fish proliferated, means a bonanza for storks & herons..above, African spoonbills….   A fish-fest in the Athi Basin…..   A Yellow-billed stork catches a tilapia…   But has trouble swallowing it, whereupon it is stolen by […]

Spur-Wing Geese Breed in NNP!

Report by Brian Finch, Pics by Will Knocker: Some two months ago there was a pair of Spur-winged Geese here that stayed for several weeks, looking at home and it was hoped that they would breed. Suddenly from under the bank three large orange-headed ducklings swam out into the water-lilies, and a Red-billed Teal swam […]