Monthly Archives: March 2013

Wildebeest Calving

By Will Knocker: The NNP gnus calve in March & this year is no exception.. Usually they drop their calves in the Sheep & Goat land, but this year they have calved in the Park proper, perhaps owing to lack of grazing outside as a result of a very hot January/February.. There are only about […]

Glorious Biodiversity of NNP

By Will Knocker: Malachite kingfisher… A mating bull hippo: don’t you love the look on his face? (The cow is completely submerged!) Male waterbuck… Recently it has been very dry in the Park… “Don’t mess with me,buddy!” Elegant strider of the plains…the Secretary Bird. There are several breeding pairs in NNP…   Assemblage of waterfowl […]

Bustards in NNP

By Will Knocker: In the current dry spell, bustards are more visible as the long grass dissipates. NNP is a haven for at least 4 sp. of bustard (see Bustards category on the menu on the left for more stories.) This is a male White-bellied bustard.. And the female (White-bellied)….the loud braying ventriloquial calls of this […]

The Last Gnus

By Will Knocker: C. t. albojubatus (Eastern White-bearded Wildebeest), of which species the IUCN says: ” However, recent population estimates suggest that the future prospect of some subpopulations or subspecies is of some concern, particularly that of the Eastern White-bearded Wildebeest (which, it seems, may have undergone a precipitous decline in numbers).” Hope for the future? […]