Kori Bustard

By Will Knocker:


The Kori bustard, one of at least 4 sp. of these grassland specialists to be found in NNP, that Haven of Peace for so many forms of Life.


At 20 kg, the Kori is one of the heaviest flying birds……


Plumping himself up for The Show…..


Last minute preparations…


Strutting His Stuff on the African Plain…..



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2 comments on “Kori Bustard

  1. Eleanor on said:

    Great blog of your amazing Park.We visited in May (from Australia), saw 9 Rhino, 5White with a calf and 4Black, a very handsome Lion sitting on a rock, Buffalo, Giraffe, many antelope and so many birds. Not bad for a first safari that lasted less than two hours!

  2. Gorgeous! Beautiful shots Will!

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