Monthly Archives: February 2013

NAIROBI NATIONAL PARK 25th February 2013

By Brian Finch: Mike Davidson, Fleur Ng’Weno, Jennifer Oduore, Karen Plumbe and myself met at the Main Gate to Nairobi National Park at 6.50am having had some traffic difficulties. We were expediently processed and through the gate on the hour. It has been dry for a while now, and the Park is showing the signs […]

The Difference between a Suni & a Dikidik

By Will Knocker (Photos by Gareth Jones): A dikdik (this is Kirk’s as different to Guenther’s which inhabits the arid North of Kenya) in the Park: an unusual sight although they are common in the abutting Silole Sanctuary area….. Gareth, was this pic taken in Silole, or the Park? In game counts, Suni (see below) […]

Fighting Giraffe Bulls

By Will Knocker: An epic sight: two bull (Maasai) giraffe testing their strength to see who is dominant…. Winner gets mating rights….. And passes on the strongest genes to his offspring….. Giraffes are extremely powerful animals & to see them battering away at each other’s chests with their mallet-like heads is awe-inspiring… Evenly matched…..

Kori Bustard

By Will Knocker: The Kori bustard, one of at least 4 sp. of these grassland specialists to be found in NNP, that Haven of Peace for so many forms of Life. At 20 kg, the Kori is one of the heaviest flying birds…… Plumping himself up for The Show….. Last minute preparations… Strutting His Stuff […]