Monthly Archives: January 2013

Birding in NNP 28th January

Dear All, Mike Davidson, Jennifer Oduore, Karen Plumbe and myself met at Nairobi National Park Main Gate at 6.30am and were soon in the Park. It was an extremely beautiful morning, although at this time of year the sun gets up a bit later. There was evidence of recent showers in the north of the […]

A Day in the Park 17th Jan

By Will Knocker: I was woken up by this Variable Sunbird (male of course) fighting with himself in my bedroom window….. And at Main Gate, my guest Jess & I got caught up in the early morning circus: 2 male lions rubbing themselves in a buffalo pat! The 2 males: looking thin: c’mon guys, you […]

Birding with Brian Finch January 2013

  NAIROBI NATIONAL PARK 7th January 2013 Dear All, On 7th January after some rearranging, Mike Davidson, Jennifer Oduore, Karen Plumbe and myself were kindly transported around the Park by Mrs Watt, who was relatively new to birding but highly hooked and had over sixty new species bringing her to over three hundred for her […]