Burrakenge !

By Will Knocker:

NNP is home to a myriad forms of life, including reptiles…

This is a Nile monitor lizard, common along the rivers & near the dams & wetlands in the Park…

Monitors belong to the family which are the largest lizards in the world, such as the Komodo dragon & the goannas of Australia..

Not to be confused with the Saurians…crocodiles & alligators….

For comparison, here is a Savannah monitor, the other sp. to be found in Kenya, but not recorded, to my knowledge in NNP.









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One comment on “Burrakenge !

  1. Great photos Will!! I have seen the Nile in the Mara, but have only snapped a few photos. They are usually so fast moving – We see them and they are gone.

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