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Gentle Giant

By Will Knocker:                    

Birding in NNP 18th November

By BRIAN FINCH: Nigel Hunter and myself spent the day in NNP, arriving at 6.45am. The day was overcast but mild, this degenerated quickly to drizzle and unseasonally cold! There was a Willow Warbler singing in the car-park at the Main Entrance (the only other individual recorded was one at Hippo Pools, and this constituted […]

Burrakenge !

By Will Knocker: NNP is home to a myriad forms of life, including reptiles… This is a Nile monitor lizard, common along the rivers & near the dams & wetlands in the Park… Monitors belong to the family which are the largest lizards in the world, such as the Komodo dragon & the goannas of […]

Awesome Day in the Park!

Story & pics by WILL KNOCKER: On wednesday this week, Ed & Jeremy Hildebrand & I spent all day in the Park in superb weather & saw the best that the constantly surprising NNP has to offer….. first, these rhinos, note the bull on the right marking his territory with a horizontal blast of pee… Early morning along […]