Ostrich Chicks in NNP

By Will Knocker:

Throughout the plains of Southern Kenya, where Maasai ostrich such as these occur, courtship takes place from August, after the Long Rains, when health is at it’s peak.

Mating happens & by the end of September, egg incubation having been completed, the first chicks appear….

Sadly, nothing is as tastey to predators as an easily caught ostrich chick & mortality is very high….

The last survivor….

Sometimes, ostrich pairs team up with another, with masses of chicks. Others abandon their offspring altogether…

Whatever the case, this year has been very good for ostrich reproduction in Nairobi National Park & did you know that NNP holds (it is said) the densest population of wild ostrich in the world!

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2 comments on “Ostrich Chicks in NNP

  1. RInique on said:

    Nice pictures ! Nice artcle as wel. Did you know you can ride Ostriches at Masaai Ostrich Resort in Kitengela .

  2. Wow! Terrific shots, Will! Can’t say I’ve ever seen pics of ostrich chicks before.
    And another reason to save Nairobi National Park!

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