Cranes of NNP

By Will Knocker:

The Grey Crowned Crane is one of Africa’s iconic birds…

In NNP, we are lucky to have many of these fabulous birds..

Each wetland -& there are may dams, swamps & seasonal pans in the park, is a potential breeding spot for a pair of cranes….

This is a gravel-pit dug by KWS as part of road maintenance in the park, now part of NNP’s many & varied habitats….

In these days when so many fabulous forms of life are endangered because they have NOWHERE TO LIVE, NNP remains an oasis……..

In the wet season, cranes pair up, but in the dry they can be found in quite large flocks on the plains…..

A young bird: this years exceptionally good rains has meant that many pairs of cranes have raised 2 chicks each!!

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