Weekend Rhinos

By Will Knocker:

Nairobi Park is undoubtedly one of the best places to see the Eastern Black rhinoceros & last weekend was no exception….

There are nearly six hundred of these super large megaherbivores, most of them in specially protected sanctuaries such as NNP

KWS have made increased efforts to keep up surveillance & patrols in the Park to safeguard these iconic animals, priceless to the Tourism Industry. Keep up the great work you do on behalf of our rhinos!

Mostly noctournal & difficult to find, Browse rhinos live in well-defined territories defined by the bulls, seen here pissing horizontally to mark his territory….

On the alert: these animals have to be, unable to live in areas where there are people. This is what makes Kenya’s Protected Areas so vitally important for these animals & many other species & especially large mammals….

For rhino afficianados in Nairobi, you can come out looking for these magnificent animals with me, see http://www.silolesanctuary.com/guidedtour.html  for details

The sadness is that these incredible forms of Life have few areas where they can ‘BE’ rhinos & get on with life undisturbed by people, many of whom want to kill them……

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  1. Dana
    Posted August 28, 2012 at 2:39 pm | Permalink

    Such magnificent animals! Pray that the KWS keep these rhino’s safe. Interesting last photo with the buildings in the background showing just how close the human population is.

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