Sad Sacrifice

By Will Knocker:

On sunday, all that remained of a cock ostrich that had been sitting on a nest I was aware of….

The good news is that the HEN was still sitting on some eggs, so let us hope some chicks manage to survive this sad story…

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3 comments on “Sad Sacrifice

  1. Oh Will – sad outcome for this male. Do you think it was killed by a predator? I presume if it was hit by a vehicle there would be a body. I know that the male will take his turn sitting on the eggs; hope Mom and chicks will survive also.

  2. willknocker on said:

    Thanks Dana: will let you know what happens…..certainly there are lots of Ostriches in NNP: SUCH a haven for ALL forms of life. Why? Because there are no people….

  3. Well people do visit the Park as we know. Let’s just pray that poachers don’t. This Park is a Kenya national heritage and should be kept safe from those guys. And the lions stay put!

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