Monthly Archives: August 2012

The Herds are Back…

By Will Knocker: After months of greenery & long grass, the Park has turned tawny & the migratory herds are back: eland do not go far: across the Empakasi into the Sheep & Goat land. This is one of Kenya’s significant populations.. The NNP kongoni (Coke’s hartebeest) population is a conundrum: it used to consist […]

Weekend Rhinos

By Will Knocker: Nairobi Park is undoubtedly one of theĀ best places to see the Eastern Black rhinocerosĀ & last weekend was no exception…. There are nearly six hundred of these super large megaherbivores, most of them in specially protected sanctuaries such as NNP KWS have made increased efforts to keep up surveillance & patrols in the […]

Sad Sacrifice

By Will Knocker: On sunday, all that remained of a cock ostrich that had been sitting on a nest I was aware of…. The good news is that the HEN was still sitting on some eggs, so let us hope some chicks manage to survive this sad story…

Eland in NNP

By Will Knocker: