By Will Knocker:

A Black rhino bull browses in Nairobi National Park yesterday at dusk. Blacks, or more accurately Browse rhinos are often most active at night…..

These are our indigenous East African Blacks (Diceros bicornis michealii) of which about 700 remain on the planet, mostly here in Kenya…..

And one of the ‘best’ & safest Sanctuaries has been Nairobi National Park, where the scattered remnants of the rhino population, decimated to less than five hundred in the Seventies, were able to find peace & security…

Since then the population increase enabled many rhinos to be translocated elsewhere, to newer sanctuaries, with varying success….

With the current poaching onslaught (horn is now one of the most valuable commodities on earth thanks to human greed & ignorance) NNP remains the vital core of Kenya’s efforts to conserve these magnificent pachyderms….

In the nineteenth century, there were hundreds of thousands of rhinos in Kenya. Let us ensure that rhinos have the space to be themselves: huge, powerful mega-herbivores, wonderful, inspriring life-forms……

Rhino cow & calf from my sitting room window at www.silolesanctuary.com where you might see them on foot if you are unlucky……

Yet another reason to celebrate our magnificent Nairobi National Park!

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