Monthly Archives: June 2012

Mating Ostriches

Pictures by Ravi Ram: It is ostrich breeding season in NNP: this cock is hot to trot: he’s a redneck! On espying┬áhis hen, he crouches down for a mating dance… He rushes towards her… And she indicates she is ready to mate…. And crouches down herself…. In the throes of passion…. Looks like he is […]


By Will Knocker: A Black rhino bull browses in Nairobi National Park yesterday at dusk. Blacks, or more accurately Browse rhinos are often most active at night….. These are our indigenous East African Blacks (Diceros bicornis michealii) of which about 700 remain on the planet, mostly here in Kenya….. And one of the ‘best’ & […]

NNP Dispersal Area

Photos & Story by Will Knocker: The dispersal area is severely overgrazed by livestock, partly owing to rangeland loss to development. The Last Wildebeest? The Athi-Kapiti Ecosystem, of which the Park & dispersal area are the northern park, was once one of the world’s richest grassland ecosystems: it is estimated to provide a home for […]