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New Grass Rhino Calf Doing Well…..


water water Everywhere…..

NNP Wet Season

The Rains this year have been ok, if not dramatically good……. The waterfall on the Mokoyeti River…. Water gets the cycle of life going at a goodly rate: fungus breaking down black rhino dung….. An unlikely Wet Season Club at Hyena Dam… are The Spotted Thick Knees are breeding…… Grantis in the Mood….. But some […]

Birding with Brian Finch 10th October

On 10th October, Mike Davidson, Fleur Ng’Weno, Karen Plumbe and myself spent the day in Nairobi National Park. We were through the gate at 6.30am, and because of the experience yesterday decided to spend all of our time in the northern portions of the Park. We set off for Ivory Burning Site, and found an […]