Monthly Archives: September 2011

Good News for Rhinos!

Pictures of a newborn Grass (White) rhino from last week…. This brings the NNP total to 13 individuals. 10 were translocated from Nakuru NP a few years. A cow gave birth (see archive) & then the last surviving Grass rhino (a bull) was brought in from the Mara after his companion was poached. = 12 […]

My Favourite Antelope

Mountain Reedbuck

Mountain reedbuck at the head of the Sosian Gorge, which seems to be the centre for a NNP population of an estimated 20-30 of these localised antelope. How does this population keep healthy when it is so inbred? These animals (I counted seven) were a herd of females, with new young…. A fable, perhaps, for […]

First Hunt

The Last Wildebeest & the Sheep & Goat Land

Recent pics of the few wildebeest currently in the park….. The Last Wildebeest? Gnu are true creatures of the plains, having evolved in the great plains of Africa. Certainly they have not adapted well to changes in habitat around NNP: fences, human activity, meat-hunting & so on. It is estimated there could have been at […]

International Vulture Awareness Day in Nbi Nat Park

PHOTOS BY NED & WILL KNOCKER: NNP is a haven for Kenya’s vulture population… Vultures like protected areas, where there is plenty of food & space to be……….vultures. Masters of the air, these raptors can soar for hundreds of miles…… A White Backed vulture showing why it is so called….. An adult Ruppell’s Griffon on […]