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A Tale of Two Lionesses

By Will Knocker: 2 lionesses patrolling the swamp below Hyena Dam….they have not eaten… A magnificent female lion, big & strong, but thin…. Here she comes…. Panting: it is hot; 11 am & she has just missed a warthog kill attempt…. View through the windscreen: why do lions generally completely ignore vehicles? The second lioness, […]

Long Tailed Fiscal Gets Snake

By Will Knocker: Mum I’m HUNGRY! How about THIS , son? Stuff it in Mum! OK? Got it? (replies)   nnnnnnnnngggg Nnnnnnnng how do I swallownnng this? Sadly couldn’t capture the last pic of a very stuffed Fiscal fledgeling with a tail sticking out of it’s beak, but if if he could speak,I’m sure it would […]

Browse Rhinos in NNP

By Will Knocker: Yesterday was a super rhino day in NNP: this was the view from my breakfast room in the Silole Sanctuary on the edge of the Park. Behind the giraffe ‘gardeners’: 4 browse rhinos on the ridge (Somali Ridge) behind….. Then I found this lone bull a kilometer or so away…… And then […]


By WILL KNOCKER: Stretching for some juicy Zizyphus leaves….notice the browse line…. A head of the rest…… She can’t quite get there…. it’s all about height…. I’m going to lick this problem…. Lucky I’ve got a foot of tongue left…..

(Short)Wet Season in NNP

By Will Knocker: The township of Kitengela lit up by the sun…..from the park. Plains zebra; Ngong Hills behind. A large mob of zebra were grazing the lush grass of the Empakasi floodplain. The rangeland in the park is in excellent condition, with plenty of short-grass plain habitat & plenty of grass in reserve in […]

New Lion Cubs

Photos by DAVE McKELVIE:


In the current stormy weather: it is raining , but not enough, for example the Athi Dam is still low…..the park’s biffaloes are enjoying. “mud mud glorious mud’ ‘there’s nothing quite like it for cooling the blood’

Athi Basin Rhinos

4 browse rhinos in the Athi Basin….. And 2 more on the hill above…. 3 pairs of cows & their large calves, I think………