Monthly Archives: April 2011

Kaputiei Plains

Pics by WILL KNOCKER: I spent Easter at Kilima Kiu near Konza, at the south of the Athi Kapiti Ecosystem of which NNP is a part & drovev the Kapiti (properly Kaputiei) plains to get there….. The Kaputiei Plains, looking south west… Many cattle died in the drought of 2009 & sheep do well on […]

Sheep & Goat Land

Story & pics by WILL KNOCKER: Much effort & debate swirls around the ‘dispersal area’ of the park. Below: the ‘real’ dispersal area for much of the park’s migratory grazers: the Sheep & Goat land. This is government owned land (it used to be/still is? a holding ground for livestock going to the slaughterhouse at […]

Kate’s Leopard



BY WILL KNOCKER: Of 250 gazelles counted in the park in February, 74 were Grant’s Gazelles -locally known as ‘oloibor siadi’ or ‘white bums’ as this slightly out of focus pic shows …. Now fairly widespread over the park (the figure above is a minimum), this sp. is an indicator of short-grass plain habitat. Grantis […]