Monthly Archives: February 2011

Feral Dog Problem Threatens Newborn Antelopes

Images Courtesy of SQUEAKS VAUGHAN & BRUCE SMITH: The beautiful & important Athi Basin (where wildlife comes in & out of the park) is sadly currently a hunting ground for feral dogs from the nearby townships of Kitengela & Athi River…. The bitch above (who obviously has pups somewhere nearby) was nuzzling at some old […]

Goose Fight!

Photos by SQUEAKS VAUGHAN: Dramatic images of a territorial squabble between Egyptian geese….

They’re Back!!

Photos courtesy of SQUEAKS VAUGHAN: It is hot & dry in the park: hot enough for the last wildebeest in the park & dispersal area to begin to wander into the Athi Basin. The gnu (it is estimated there were once 100,000 of them in the Athi Kapiti Ecosystem) are down to 1,000 (1% of […]