Monthly Archives: January 2011

New Arrivals……

Photos by DAVE McKELVIE: Thanks to our resident lion tracker Dave McKelvie, here are some charming (& encouraging) images of  newborn lion cubs in the park. Sadly the general public are never told when lions are ‘lost’ ; that is are killed or wander out of the Park never to be seen again (presumed killed) […]

Portrait of A Rhino

By WILL KNOCKER Nairobi National Park is one of best places to see  “black’ or Browse rhinos (East African species michealii) ; here is one of them……

Athi Dam Crocs…….

As the Park continues to (rapidly) dry out, water is becoming an issue…. Wildlife is still filtering in from the Park from the dry & overgrazed dispersal area to the south . The first water point they reach when they get here is the Athi Dam…. Plains zebras like to get RIGHT IN THERE to […]

Nairobi Greenline Becomes Nairobi Pipeline…….

Everybody knows the Chinese are in Kenya & they are doing great things with infrastructure…..including  a fuel pipeline (pictured) which without any advice,impact assessment or consultation, suddenly punched it’s way through the middle of the Nairobi Greenline (see on the northern boundary of the Park! Now Nairobi is an expanding city & needs infrastructural […]

MORE birds of NNP

Saddle -billed stork Martial eagle looking bellicose…. Crowned plover Hadada ibis White-faced whistling ducks Superb starling (feeling cold? Or sexy?) Egyptian geese Harlaub’s bustard