Monthly Archives: October 2010

The King is Dead! Long Live the King!

Photos by DAVE MCKELVIE: Portrait of a fallen King: poor old Ujonjo ran into a coalition of 2 other males (very likely his own sons) & this is the result… Poor old chap: adult male lions have about 7 years to reach maturity, carve out a territory (& mating rights over the females within it) […]

A Sad Story with a Happy Ending….

Nairobi National Park is ostrich country; it boasts the densest population of wild Masai Ostrich anywhere….. I recently came across the dead bodies of these 2 young ostrich chicks, newly hatched. A sad sight, although one knows mortality amongst young ostrich chicks are very high. Hatching clutches of eggs seems to have been delayed this […]

Birds of NNP

Nairobi National Park is home to over 500 species of birds owing to its rich diversity of habitats. Here are ¬†pics of some of them: Giant kingfisher, found along the Empakasi River Great spotted cuckoo: a seasonal migrant Long-tailed glossy starling, found in the Athi Basin Black duck , uncommon in the semi-permanent & permanent […]