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First Ostrich Chicks……

July/August is the breeding season for ostriches in Nairobi National Park & we were thrilled to see this brand new family of ostriches in the Langata Forest this morning. Straight out of the egg? Eleven in this clutch: WELL DONE these ostrich parents!! This IS the future! Bundles of feathers make a great meal for […]

Dusk in NNP

Some recent pics taken at night by NNP afficianados DAVE MCKELVIE, GARETH JONES & WILL KNOCKER:

August Game Count

A count of the wildlife in Nairobi National Park was conducted by KWS on 1st August. Here are the results & pictures of the species counted, which provide a MINIMUM estimate of what exists in total….. Buffalo 309 Kongoni 287 Lions 6 Thomson’s gazelles 115 Plains zebra 587 \ White rhino 3 Impala 409 Black […]

History Of Kenya’s Oldest National Park

NAIROBI NATIONAL PARK By Daphne Sheldrick D.B.E.: UNEP Global 500 Laureate. Fifty years ago, the first Game Warden of Kenya, Capt. Archie Ritchie, O.B.E. M.C. writing in the fledgling Park’s first handbook, had this to say about the Nairobi National Park:- “I want to give an assurance, a guarantee that the Park is wholly “genuine”. […]

Nairobi Park Dawn

PHOTO STORY BY DAVE MCKELVIE: (keep em coming Dave!!!)