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Hippos & Lions

Photo Essay by Gareth Jones: Friday 18th June 2010 was an interesting day:t 3 lions had been eating on a buffalo carcass for the last 3 days at the waters edge of the Eland Valley dam…….then in the late afternoon a phone call from Dave Mc Kelvie to say that he was at the dam […]

Richness of Nairobi Park

The plains turn from green to tawny as Nairobi Park ¬†gradually dries out & the usual aridity replaces the moisture of an exceptional rainy season. The oceans of grass are setting seed, along with the trees & shrubs which make up this superb savannah park. Plenty to eat for all the birds that have reproduced,probably […]

Lioness Hunt

Photo story by Rob Allen.


Nairobi National Park is one of the best places anywhere to observe wild black (browse) rhinos. Here is a lone bull (cows nearly always have a calf at heel), Ngong Hills in the background… The prehistoric appearance of this massive herbivores belies their incredible sense of hearing & smell….. NNP rhinoes have ear notches for […]

Nairobi Park Greenline

On 5th June, 5000 people came out to the Northern boundary of the Park to show their concern for Nairobi National Park & to plant trees. They all held hands in a 5000-strong human chain to demonstrate support for the Park & the inviobility of it’s borders: the Northern boundary of the Park marches next […]

How The Saddlebill Got It’s Name

Grass Rhino Update

The Grass (White) rhinoes translocated into NNP about a year ago have settled in very well. They are 11 in total including the calf (a male) born in the Park. Portrait of a White Rhino: grass eaters, with wide mouths & rubbery lips…… Much easier to photograph than the Black rhinoes that are much more […]

Buffaloes of Nairobi National Park

Formidable bovids, with a fearsome reputation, Cape buffaloes were introduced to NNP, where they did not (in the last 100 years) exist…. Portrait of a bull: it is true you do not want to meet one of these on foot, but the record shows that generally speaking, buffaloes are intelligent -avoiding people if they can […]