Monthly Archives: May 2010

Rain Rain & More Rain….

The Rains on the Savannah brings a time of great plenty & this year this process has been quite exceptional! Guinea fowl (amongst many other sp. of birds) have been able to nest TWICE this season: look at all them chicks! It has been raining on  & off since the beginning of the year, with […]

Peculiar Display in the Grasslands

What on earth is this weird design? Extraordinary neck contusion & vocally a quiet ‘click!’ then a slightly louder ‘pop’ followed by a deep mooing boom….. A male Hartlaub’s  (or Maasai -this sp. only occurs in or nearby Maasailand!) Bustard trying to impress an invisible female hidden in the grass nearby… The Click?? The Moo?? […]

Hippo Calf Update

Photos by ROB ALLEN The hippoes translocated in the park in recent months (see previous posts) have scattered all over the park & many of the dams have had some(or one) hippoes in them. But the calf featured here a few weeks ago was spotted & photographed by Rob Allen & is still with Mum […]