Monthly Archives: April 2010

Eland in Nairobi National Park

A cow eland in the Nairobi National Park, an oasis for the largest antelope in the world. These animals are your writer’s particular favourite animals, large, beautiful, gentle & perfectly adapted to living in the vagaries of Africa’s savannah ecosystems, of which the NNP is a perfect example. Grazing 25% of their food in the […]


The Haughty Race

Masai giraffe in the Nairobi National Park: one of the emblematic creatures of the African savannah…. A group of young giraffe in the park: giraffe are breeding well despite high mortality owing to the 35-40 lion currently in the park… Superbly adapted to browsing the treetops, giraffe are able to make use of browse far […]

Wet Season Wonders

Rain has been falling in NNP since January & was particularly heavy over Easter…wet weather often means it is unusually clear & for a few minutes last week the mass of Mount Kenya (17,000 foot) was visible over the usual smog of the Industrial Area. On a VERY clear day one can also see Mt […]

Birding with Brian Finch 27th March

To complement yesterday all of the birding was from the Main Entrance keeping to the east and south. This is still the more interesting area to visit at present. I met up with Patrick Lhoir and his son Johann at the Main Entrance at 6.30am, and we proceeded to Ivory Burning Site. There was a […]