Monthly Archives: March 2010

Crowned Cranes Breeding in Nairobi National Park

NNP is an oasis for all forms of life, but not least for birds: the park has more sp. of birds than the British Isles…….. Amongst these are Crowned Cranes, magnificent large birds dependent on wetlands for breeding & feeding…. In the Nairobi area, many wetlands have disappeared forever, compromised by development, building, pollution, human […]

Birding with Brian Finch 12th March

An average day in Nairobi National Park is an extremely good days birdand mammal viewing, today was above average. Having not been in thepark for over five weeks, it was good to spend an entire day in theconfines, although there were not enough daylight hours to cover itall. I was at Main Gate at 6:20am […]

Grass Rhino Update

For those readers of this blog who might be interested in the baby grass rhino that was born in Nairobi Park a year or so ago, here are some updated pics & I can confirm that he is a male!!


Pictures by DAVE MCKELVIE:

New Born Hippo

Photographs courtesy Major Max: These photos were taken in Nangolomon Dam in the west of the Park, though hippoes can be seen in several of the dams after the translocation from Ruai Sewage works….. (see blog archives) Another hippo was brought into the park at the weekend after having trapped itself in a culvert at […]

NNP Migration?

Nairobi National Park is looking fantastic at the moment, with massive grassland regeneration throughout the park & especially in the western, wetter end. In the past, in conditions like these, the large species of grazers -plains zebra, kongoni & eland usually migrated out of the park into the ‘dispersal area’ to the south of the […]

Mating Lions

These  pictures or mating lions in Nairobi National Park taken by DAVE MCKELVIE: