Monthly Archives: February 2010

Hyenas in Nairobi Park

Nairobi National Park is a haven for the Spotted Hyena -Crocuta crocuta-surely one of the most fascinating of the large Carnivora….. Being noctournal animals, these creatures are shrouded in myth, much of it ignorant, such as the belief that hyenas are scavengers…….in fact they are ¬†intelligent,very social,highly effective predators very often at the top of […]

Nairobi Park Oasis

Nairobi City -a bustling 24/7 metropolis which is now home to an estimated 800,000 vehicles……….above a picture of matatus on the Magadi road at dawn. Below, a scene in the park just a few hundred metres away from the ‘morning madness’ shown above……… Photographs for reflection on what Nairobi National Park & other protected areas […]

Rhinos in Nairobi National Park

Nairobi National Park is unique from several different perspectives & not least that it is one of Kenya’s most successful rhino sanctuaries where rhinos breed well (see previous post.) Last year 10 Southern White rhinos (Grass rhinos) were translocated into the park & one has given birth….the first of this species to have beenborn in […]

Lions in Nairobi National Park

Photographs by Rob Allen, Dave McKelvie & Will Knocker Two lionesses stare at soaring vultures overhead, attracted by their kongoni kill. I estimate between 35 ¬†& 40 lions in NNP all told, all descended from the 7 that remained in the park after the drought of 2005 when so many were killed after cattle-killing outside […]