Monthly Archives: January 2010

Rhinoes Increasing in Nairobi National Park

Photo by Dave McKelvie

Wet Season in NNP

After a two year drought, Nairobi National Park finally received some decent rain in December & early January & the effects have been dramatic. Every last blade of grass had been grazed to dust by the 6000 or so resident herbivores & a similar number of illegal cattle, all of which (in the case of […]

Martial Eagle!

Great photographs from Dave McKelvie…..of a martial eagle eating a helmeted guinea-fowl.

Buffaloes Chase Lions

Story & pictures courtesy of Chirag Shah…… On the 6th of December we decided to stop by the impala observation point to scan the area and to our surprise we found a group of lions watching a herd of buffaloes intently, only a few minutes later the tables were turned, the lions were spotted and […]


Yesterday driving home came across this 12 foot python (African Rock Python?) in the middle of the road. With newly shed skin, it was moving slowly about, no doubt hungry & looking for lunch (which can last several weeks or months before another meal…..) Beautiful reptiles, but nevertheless,in me at any rate stirring gut fear…… […]

Bloomin’ Bustards

Yesterday as we drove around a very green, lush & fantastic looking NNP we might have been excused some double takes as strange objects paraded about the short-grass plain that is now the dominant habitat in the park… Kori bustards: we must have seen at least 10 of them (all in one area -a┬ásort of […]

Birding with Brian Finch 6th January

I had my first bird-outing for 2010, and visited Nairobi National Park on 6th January arriving at 6-20am. It had been dry for the past few days, although since I had been there last, there had been good rain. There was nothing in the car-park and I went straight to Ivory Burning Site seeing nothing […]

Not All NNP is Green……

Here is an image of perhaps the most beautiful bit of NNP: the Athi Basin, in the east of the park. Although most of Kenya is receiving/has received good rains by now, ending the drought, Athi River seems to have been left out. The result is that for the second (or even third?) year running, […]

Sweet Rain!

I cannot seem to get the images below to separate! Happy New Year to all NNP blog readers & you will be DELIGHTED to hear that the park looks fabulous right now after Xmas Rains, which have filled up the dams & got all the vegetation growing again. Below are a few images for you: […]