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Black backed jackals -of which we have just the one sp. in NNP -although Side-striped jackals occur elsewhere in the Nairobi area (I have never seen the latter in NNP) -are uncommon in the park. Why should this be, because NNP is a classic savannah park, with all the habitat & prey one would think […]


Here’s a photo-essay by Rob Allen of a serval put to beautiful flight by curious zebras. These elegant cats are common in NNP:they are specialist rodent-hunters…….

Leopards in NNP

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting up with Yumi, a zoologist from Kyoto University researching leopards in NNP, specifically looking at the conservation of these elusive cats & at interaction between leopards & people in the extraordinary periurban situation that is Nairobi National Park. Yumi trapped & collared 2 female leopards in the […]