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Birding with Brian Finch 25th November

Mike Davidson kindly conducted Heather Elkin, Karen Plumbe and myself around Nairobi National Park on 25th November 2009. We met at 6-30am at the Main Entrance, there had been light rain, and this continued as we drove down to the Ivory Burning Site but soon cleared up for the remainder of the day which for […]

Another Cheetah!!

After posting yesterday’s cheetah story & writing an online prayer for more cheetahs an astonishing event: ANOTHER cheetah was spotted this morning…..could she be a female?? Above is the resident male (we think – a very large individual.) The ‘new’ cheetah: can we now look forward to cubs? In any case the advertised presence of […]


I thought you might like to have a look at this picture (taken this morning) of The Last Cheetah in NNP…. a skilful hunter, he appears to have brought down an adult kongoni….Let’s hope that a female might, just might wander into the park from the fast -disappearing wildlife ‘dispersal area’.

Happy Hippoes

One of the most popular destinations in NNP has always been ‘The Hippo Pools’, an interesting walking trail where one could usually guarantee a sighting of hippoes in their element. In recent years however hippo sightings have become increasingly rare, perhaps because of the fact that the Empakasi River (the southern boundary of the park […]

Birding with Brian Finch 14th November

After an absence of six weeks, I was looking forward to getting back into Nairobi National Park, when a visit was suggested by Rupert Watson the previous evening. There had been much bad news relating to the invasion of the Maasai and their cattle on the net of late, and the indifference of KWS. We […]

The Last Cheetah and other unusual sightings…

As far as I can judge, this is our last cheetah in NNP. I have seen him on & off for several years now:alone. Even if she is a female, she has not had cubs all this time,presumably because of the lack of a mate. All is not lost, though -NNP is now prime cheetah […]

White Rhino Calf Update

Mother & calf doing well, although Paula watched lions stalking them a day or two ago…… These grazing megaherbivores are so very different in looks & temperament to the resident black rhinos, which remain shy & elusive…. Forgive this rather blurry image of our young star…. Is it a he or a she :could some expert enlighten […]

Apologies to NNP blog readers!

Please forgive me y’all, as I only today realised that it is up to me to clear the comments you kindly post on this blog. The reason your informative responses have not appeared is because of techno ignorance on my part for which many apologies!! So keep those responses flowing & thanks for reading & […]

Impunity Rules in NNP

The authorities in NNP are having to struggle with a mass invasion of livestock:sheep & goats as well as cattle have invaded the park from the north (where the electric fence is not live & livestock, woodcutters & even hunters break through at will) & the south, which is unfenced….. Photo: Courtesy Gareth Jones A […]

Numbers & Commentary on Game Count…..

KWS organised  game count in NNP on 4th October. Do bear in mind that these numbers are MINIMUMS! Herewith are the results (scrubbed by a faulty internet commection yesterday…) Buffalo -250. I think this is well under half of the number of buff we have in NNP. Bushbuck -16. Ditto -bushbuck are common in the park, […]