Monthly Archives: October 2009

Baby White Rhino Born….

Yesterday in the park driving home, kids & I came across these 3 lionesses stalking zebra…. Then we came aross this rhino -white, because she’s grazing -& on closer inspection noticed she had a tiny calf nearby…… Astonishingly tough, these creatures, as this cow was translocated into NNP barely 2 months ago……..thank goodness they both […]

Lions & buffalo

Pictures & story by Gareth Jones & Rob Allen, Nairobi Park stalwarts! Thanks guys! There might be a second pride of lions in formation in Nairobi National Park at the moment & here is the chancer – a young lion often bullied in the past by the dominant male Ujonjo. Could these 4 lionesses be […]

STILL no rain…..

Firstly an apology for a minor┬ádisaster occurred when the magic box rubbed out the images from my camera especially taken for YOU dear reader this last weekend… You’ll have to put up with images from the archives & my random thoughts instead…. This image -a recent gigantic wedding -sums up the KWS attitude to the […]

Waiting…..waiting for Rain…..

Nairobi National Park is a haven for antelopes, such as these oribi, translocated in from agricultural land in western Kenya. I saw 3 today:these shy creatures can more easily be seen now that there is so little vegetation in the park… The resident herbivores are finding it difficult in the dry, hot conditions prevailing; but […]