Monthly Archives: September 2009

New antelope sp.recorded and cheetah too….

┬áThis report from Brian Finch on 13th September Less than a few hundred metres from the entrance gate, a stocky antelope walked out of the forest and walked slowly across the road seemingly oblivious of me. I immediately recognised the animal as a Red Duiker, all reddish, unmarked, a huge rounded backside and small neckless […]

Dams are Drying Up…..

Scavengers feast on a dead cow, of which there are plenty in the park as the drought continues to bite: we’ve still got an estimated month to endure. Historically Nairobi National Park was always a dry season refuge for the creatures of the Athi –┬áKapiti ecosystem. Why? WATER -permanent dams, rivers & springs, whatever the […]

Birding with Brian Finch -September

After not visiting Nairobi National Park since 28th August, when for the only time this year, I described the visit as the doldrums period, today 13th September I spent the day in the Park and found that the doldrums were very much over. I was through the Main Gate just after 6-30am, the initial cloud […]

White Rhinos Come to NNP

In historical times, white rhinos did not exist in Kenya: they were reduced to two tiny populations -the northern subspecies to Uganda,Sudan & Northern Congo (Garamba) & the southern subspecies to Zululand thanks to the efforts of one man, B.Vaughan Kirby. As I write this the Northern subspecies is on the virge of extinction unless […]