Monthly Archives: May 2009

Buffaloes Tree Lion

This has been a really bad day…….but at last I can get down…. You might wonder what I’m doing in this very uncomfortable position…. Stuck up here for hours with lunch grazing just below….. It was horrible… you see what got me up here? And one good reason to stay up?

Birding with Brian Finch 9th May

Nigel Hunter kindly transported Fleur Ng’Weno, Leo Haskinen and myself on a morning in Nairobi National Park. We entered the Park through the main gate at 6:45am, and made straight for the Ivory Burning Site. It was very quiet here, there were no palearctic migrants, and the only bird of any note was a Brown […]

Game Count April 5th

Apologies for the delay in passing on these figures:I have been away in the NFD (sadly little but ostriches, grantis & a few gerenuk to report from there….) The following figures are significant because they represent most of the large mammals currently to be found in the Nairobi National Park & environs. Most of all […]

Cheetahs are Back!!

I know this is a tiny little image, but it is a real symbol of hope for the future of the Nairobi National Park. Here is a mother & cub cheetah, the first birth and/or sighting in the park for many years, recorded & photographed by Dave McKelvie. This picture illustrates a new reality:after many […]