Monthly Archives: April 2009

New Male Lion in Nairobi National Park?

Is this the face of a new dominant male in amongst the lions of Nairobi National Park? For the last couple of years the single pride that exists in the park has been dominated by Ujonjo, a dark-maned adult male in his prime. Other males are younger & are probably Ujonjo’s sons or young brothers.One […]

Birding with Brian Finch April 1st

I entered through the Main Entrance of Nairobi National Park at 6:30 am, and with no distractions along the road, made straight for Ivory Burning Site. There had been some showers during the night, but little compared to the previous evening, nevertheless the place had a fresh feel, even though it was cold and overcast. […]

Athi Dam

Waterbuck are not a species you would associate with the present dry conditions, but the population in the Athi Basin seems to be OK judging by the furry creatures pictured above. The Athi Dam is the biggest dam (by area) in the Nairobi National Park, but getting less so. In the last few days there […]