Fishing Fest


Owing to the drought (which shows no sign of ending any day soon) water sources are rapidly drying up in the Nairobi National Park. Several dams have dried up & water is at a premium for the thousands of thirsty herbivores in the park.


These pictures were taken at the Olomanyi Dam.

Marabous, spoonbills, yellow billed stork & even a pair of pelicans jostle to catch fish, probably Barbus sp. Brian Finch tells me that these fish (if any escape the hungry bills) encyst in the mud, to emerge later in the Rains to reproduce & replenish the population.


Fishing fest: a feathery free-for-all…..


The aristos – a pair of saddlebill storks- look on in disdain…..


A marabou:full up!

Below a saddlebill in the fast receding water. Notice the stranded catfish (Clarias sp.) next to it.


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