Monthly Archives: March 2009

Fishing Fest

Owing to the drought (which shows no sign of ending any day soon) water sources are rapidly drying up in the Nairobi National Park. Several dams have dried up & water is at a premium for the thousands of thirsty herbivores in the park. These pictures were taken at the Olomanyi Dam. Marabous, spoonbills, yellow […]

Antelopes of Nairobi National Park

Today’s offering (after hours downloading images…..) is about the many species of antelope to be found within the various habitats of the park. These range from species represented by hundreds of individuals, to those such as these Mountain Reedbuck, of which there can only be about 20, all found in one locality in the park:in […]

Birding With Brian Finch

On 2nd March 2009, I spent the day in Nairobi National Park. There were a couple of surprises, but basically the birds that have been with us for most of this year, are still with us, and the population was stagnant, there being no evidence of any northward passage. Birds on the dams continue to […]

Getting Drier……..

With no sign of rain on the horizon, things in the Nairobi National Park are getting ever drier. Most of the smaller dams are drying up & water is becoming an issue for the thousands of head of herbivores in the park.Eland Hollow has been dry for a year now & the 2 dams at […]