Monthly Archives: February 2009

Game Count in Nairobi National Park, 1st February 2009

On 1st of February a game count took place in the park. These figures are MINIMUMS but give a good idea of overall TRENDS in the park, which , as the dry season refuge for the Athi Kapiti ecosystem is full of migratory game right now owing to the ongoing dry cycle. In addition, the […]

Birding in Nairobi National Park with Brian Finch

I spent the entire day in Nairobi National Park 23rd February 2009. I travelled throughout much of it, and I am so pleased to report, that all of the livestock has been removed over the week-end. I saw a ranger on the road near Leopard Cliffs and asked him what he was doing, he replied […]

Gnu Calving in NNP

Wildebeest were once the commonest large herbivore in the Athi Kapiti ecosystem,but they have virtually disappeared from the park, the majority of the remaining herds cut off from it by the Athi-Namanga highway. A few hundred at most remain & they tend to live just outside the park on the Sheep & Goat Land,which is […]

Lions and Buffalo

Here’s a super sequence of photos from professional photographer PAOLO TORCHIO, a regular chronicler of events in Nairobi National Park. Paolo please forgive the fact that these pics have been ‘cropped’ in the posting process & my technical inability to prevent this…….. These photographs are significant because they record an unusual situation in the Nairobi […]