Monthly Archives: December 2008

Orange Comes to NNP

Yesterday I was driving in my favourite bit of NNP -the relatively unvisited Athi Basin- when I was shocked to see a radiomast in the middle of the Acacia mellifera bush which had not been there 10 days before. On ringing the warden, he told me that this was “a long story” but that Telkom/Orange […]

NNP Leopards

Leopards are famously elusive & those that live in & around NNP are no exception. Having said that we may say that chui do well in the diverse habitats of the park, with it’s rocky river gorges, forests & savannah.┬áHere there is a wide selection of possible food, ranging from plump rock hyraxes to rodents […]

More Info

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Positive Trends

As it is the intention of this blog to accentuate the positive whenever possible & to celebrate the undoubted attractions of the NNP, herewith some GOOD NEWS stories… There used to be several thousand wildebeest in the NNP ecosystem, but after El Nino in 1997 & the wet cycle of weather following the drought of […]