Monthly Archives: November 2008

Lilies Of The Field

A safe distance from the city….where the concrete ends….in the Silole Sanctuary Wild flowers & shrubs are in bloom….this is one of the commonest species on the plains Cyphia glandulifera Shrubs are also in blossom, the most spectacularly obvious being the bright scarlet Pentas parvifolia. The lovely Clerodendrum myricoides is also in flower, as is […]

Suburban Lions

Lion stories from Nairobi are old-hat. Stories of “lions -on -the -racecourse” or lions in the Industrial Area were common in the 70’s, before the Park was fenced. But Nairobi is very much bigger nowadays (& lions much less…) & although the park is fenced along it’s northern, eastern & western borders it comes right up […]

NNP Lions

Here are some fantastic pictures taken over the last year in the park, showing how well the lions in NNP are doing:many thanks to GARETH JONES, the photographer….. A lioness in prime condition dragging her zebra kill along close to Hyena Dam Talk about an investment in the future:look at all those lions! I love […]

NNP:Wet Season

NNP has at least 130 Masai giraffe within it’s fast dwindling ecosystem. Here’s a close -up of one of the many young giraffe in the park. The patchwork of acacia woodland that characterises the park is perfect habitat for giraffe. A very successful hatch for these Egyptian geese at the Athi Dam. As somebody said […]